Platinum Payment Systems

One of the most critical elements necessary to run a successful internet commerce business is your merchant services account. This vital partnership can make or break the process. You need a merchant services provider you can count on to seamlessly process your clients purchases without ever causing them concerns or creating hassles. Productive affiliate marketers don’t have time for teaser rates, hidden charges, software quirks or network glitches. They want straightforward talk and services from a partner they can trust.


If this sounds like the sort of merchant services relationship you dream of, then you owe it to yourself to investigate the services offered by Platinum Payment Systems. PPS offers the products and expertise to deliver a great experience for both you and your customer, no matter what the scenario.

  • Credit card processing
  • Online processing and e-commerce
  • MOTO credit card processing
  • Mobile payments
  • High-risk transactions
  • Wireless credit card processing
  • Retail credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Chargeback prevention

Integration is easy and quick. If you like what you’ve learned so far,


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